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Countdown till J-day

Wow! Its amazing how quickly things change in the world today. I can't say too much or I might disturb our sensitive work timeline, but according to certain sources, today is the day our new integrated defense system goes online. Dubbed 'SkyNet', this A.I. will control our nuclear arsenal and future robotic armies and operate completely without human assistance. Things will be fully operational in two days. I can't wait to see what the future holds.



I was write about the alcohol, just wrong about the night. Gonna be recovering all day long. And I will either be posting some extrea-long entries or throwing out more than one a day for the next few days to make up for my absence.

But right now? Water is a great idea. Water and pain-go-bye-bye pills.

Break free

I have a feeling that tonight might involve liberal imbibing of alcohol, so I am going to type out what i can while we are sitting here waiting for our flight.

Gonna have to start inviting people to come visit this place so I have people to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I feer so ronery.

Ok, so the first chapter is the TDE jump. The sub chapter is the walk to a safehouse. The second chapter is going to be driving up the coast to hide out for a month (Carmel, engineer). It is also going to be much more observation and questions from Sarah, now that she has her wits back. If there is going to be a subchapter, it is going to be about John's T2 dream. :D

Third chapter is a montage of the month before time catches up with them and Sarah's decision to chronicle everything for the future, mostly in recordings for John.

Fourth chapter? I have to decide whether we jump straight into an alternate SCC or have some years of development to get John ready.

The SCC buildup/alt season 1/2 leads up to the T3 Armageddon date, the season 4/beyond leads to the 2012 date.

Oopp, gotta go.

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I be tired right now, but must keep up with my resolution!

Ok, so I posted my first story the other day, but I already see some mistakes I made and I already have some things I want to change...grrr... This is why I hold on to things for so long. Oh well, its one way to learn. It also means I should probably get a beta reader.

And I thought doing my taxes was complicated!

Ok, I gotta go to sleep soon, but I need something for the day, so more Terminator ramblings.
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I recently took a creative writing class in which we were encouraged to write something creative every day. I think it was a minimum of 250 words, but I have trouble restricting myself to such a number unless there is some rather awesome porn worth viewing that might distract me for a while. I kept with the exercise while in the class, but I never let anyone outside of that environment see anything I had written. It was a good plan that got my tippety-tap-tapping up to a better quality snuff, but it distracted me heartily from both the LJ and fanfiction-at-large communities. Considering that was why I took the class in the first place, I believe it is time to get back to things. For the near future, I am going to keep up the everyday posting. it may not always be creative, but it will always be writing, even if i have to smash my face repeatedly against a keyboard to get it done.

To go with my most recent posts and the current writing drive I have, the next few days will likely be about the story I have just started or something else tangentally related. Today is about robots. Yay, robots!

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A href Parent post

Ok, so I am home. Here is the first chapter of my fic. Sarah Connor Chronocles And for those of you who hate the ff.net, here the fic is under the cut.

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Huh, it's been a while. I was almost tempted to start up a new lj but got lucky and remembered my password. Go me.

Finally posted my first fanfic! It was a short first chappie to ff.net, but hey! Posted! I'll put it under an lj-cut or as a snazzified link when I get home tonight. I am on my phone right now and the lojistics of transfering that over are more complicated than programming the VCR.

I just dated myself with that VCR bit, huh? Dammit!

Off to go fly here in a bit, but I just thought I would let people know that I am still alive. If there is anyone that reads this stuff besides me. :p

I'll be back.

Faux Hawk: The Mullet of the New Millenium

I cannot express how much I fucking hate this hairstyle.

I think people who put shit in their hair have had too many chemicals leech into their brains or have joined a cult (Satanism, Dark Witchcraft, Christianity, etc). I can live with it for the most part. Some guys like gel to keep it from going all over the place. Some like to put shit in it to make it look like it is going all over the place. Some like to spike it a little and others like to slick it back. Whatever, its ok.

People like their individuality. I get that.

But the Faux Hawk is not about individuality. it is about looking exactly like every other douche bag out there because some famous 'cute' douche bags decided to sport the styles. Now every douche bag wears it. In fact, it has become so prevalent that you can't differentiate between the douche bags who style their hair to try to be cool and the normal people who style their hair to look like douche bags.

The line has become fuzzy and pointed and it sticks straight up from the heads of douche bags everywhere, like a billboard proudly proclaiming the new heights of douchebaggery. It almost reaches the level of the leisure suit. Almost.

You remember the mullet? The champion hairstyle of the 80s? Meet its rebellious, illegitimate stepchild by way of the bedhead craze that hit at the turn of the century. In twenty years people are going to look back and laugh uncomfortably at their naivete while sporting neon green stubble shaved into snowflake patterns. Wait and see.

Sorry, /rant off.

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled rambling in a few days.


Terminator:Knights of the Old Republic

This is a trial post from my iPhone, so bear with me. My job has significant periods of inactivity and they are nice enough to not care what we do in between as long as we are ready when needed. However, no computers with lj acces here. Thus, iPhone.

If there is anyone who has read my last post and seen my attempt at a timeline consolidation for Terminator, you may have noticed that I planned on using my final product (still in progress) for a fanfic. Specifically, I plan on an alternate form of Sarah Connor Chronicles, focused on marrying most or all of the various Terminator timelines with an injection of Star Wars.

Hear me out, now.

During my recent binge, devouring everything Terminator I could get my hands on, I started replaying some of my old xbox games. In particular, my interest in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) was revived. For those of you who have not played it, here is a quick summary: You play a soldier with no memories, have Star Wars adventures, and rediscover Jed Powers (lightsaber and all). During your travels, you are joined by others who help you out.

How does this relate to Terminator?

One of the optional (but oh-so-necessary in my mind) helpers you can get is a rather bloodthirsty humanoid robot (droid) that has some quite funny dialogue and one-liners. The thing is, change his color, remove some of his armor plating and you have something eerily similar to the appearance of your standard Terminator. This may have been intentional for all I know, but it got me thinking that some of that technology could have been the basis for skynet creations and technology advances in general (including the ship that crashed here and such). Things snowballed rather quickly from there and I have not been able to get it out of my head since. Especially when you add the possibility of a nice lightsaber to slice and dice some coltan skulls.

I am going to spend the next week or so, as I finish up my timeline fun and wait for the movie to hit, fleshing the basic outline I have running around in my head. With luck, my first chapter should be hitting lj shelves by next weekend. Fair warning, I do plan on Sarah/Cameron. Nothing more than (slowly growing) friendship for a good while, with hints and possibly more of femslash after a while. Mostly I see it one-sided for Cameron for a while. Realistically, that is how it woud go, but I will try to keep angst at a minimum.

As you will (eventually) see, my stories bend toward the epic in lenght and scale. I will need to seek out a beta as I tend to drift between styles as I move through my writing. That may be great for artistic styling and such, but it can turn off readers.

Anyway, more layer. Work time.


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